The Hallmark greeting card company recently created a furor because of a talking graduation card that contained stereotypical images and threatening messages against Black women.

The Carson-Torrance branch of the NAACP had initially talked with Hallmark and asked the company to remove the offensive card. They promised to do so, but when organization members conducted a spot check in their area, cards were found still in place at many locations.

The NAACP took the matter to the Carson City Council, which Tuesday approved resolution to have the offending card removed from shelves.
“We are very pleased that the City Council met with us and will move with us to have this card taken off the shelves of Walgreen and CVS stores in the Carson area,” said NAACP Carson-Torrance President Olivia Verrett, who added that the resolution set a time frame in which the cards are to be removed.

“Hallmark has offered an apology,” Verrett said. “They said they did not do this intentionally (to offend people).”