While attending a fashion show hosted by a campus modeling troupe something stuck out to me. There were many scenes involving girl-on-girl interaction but no scenes involving male-on-male interaction. Mentally, I made a note of this because one has to wonder why homosexuality in women is acceptable on a college campus but when it comes to men, it’s unacceptable.
It’s not just modeling troupes who perpetuate the double-standard of homosexuality, either, as on campus, I have seen dance groups guilty of this as well.
While doing some research, I came across a concept known as exotification. The exotification of lesbianism refers to the phenomenon by which those who oppose homosexuality make exceptions for lesbians because, when women are gay, men view it only in sexual terms, and even though sex between two lesbians can be an expression of love to them, for a man, it’s just two sexual objects in one room or on one stage as was the case at the fashion show.
Basically, the concept states that it’s okay for women to be gay because heterosexual men can get something out of it–sexual arousal.
The reason I wanted to examine this was because of the double-standard that pervades so many attitudes towards homosexuality.
Homophobes, who claim to disagree with homosexuality, are all too eager to accept lesbianism. If one truly opposes homosexuality, I doubt they would tolerate lesbianism. It is still homosexuality. Yet, so many homophobic heterosexual men fantasize about threesomes with two women.
Rappers have also made songs that have popularized this male sentiment. The audience at the fashion show seemingly had no qualms watching two women engage in simulated sex acts on stage together. However, something tells me that if it were two men, they would have been much less accepting. This was evidenced by the fact that a performance by a dance group (that included men) during the show elicited responses of “that’s too gay” from the audience. No such responses were heard, when the women were interacting on stage.
It’s very troubling that sexism plays a role in homophobia. Those who claim to disagree with homosexuality are all too accepting of lesbians because they view women as sexual objects there for them to fetish and fantasize about, even though most lesbians do not like men (sexually).
I didn’t think it was possible to be a worse than a homophobe but a sexist homophobe definitely takes the cake. Not only are you intolerant of homosexuals, but you are also sexist towards women, viewing them as sexual objects that solely exist to appease the male libido.