Generation WE, Women and Empowerment, is an organization dedicated to the improvement and advancement of women in business by helping them to establish their career goals, giving them an opportunity to network with industry professionals and teaching them how to brand themselves and become more attractive to potential employers.
The organization was founded last year by Joe Hines, who is the father of two young girls. “It’s in a parent’s nature to want to improve the lives of their children,” said Hines, who focuses on women 18 to 30 years old.
The idea for the organization came about when he was having a conversation with his friends about the state of the economy and the current budget. Then, he decided that something needed to be done about the somewhat grim looking future of our economy.
“I decided to focus on women, because for the last 20 years women have led the numbers in college enrollment; it isn’t the men anymore, therefore the women are more impacted by the economic change. In addition, the system has always been stacked in the favor of men. Something needed to be done to give women more of an opportunity.”
Generation WE is holding its first event May 15–a one day empowerment and educational summit for young Southern California women. Lunch and welcome kit will be provided for all selected attendees. Young women will have a chance to learn life and business skills while networking with influencers and professional women executives from all aspects of business, who will give career advice and share their stories of trials and success.
Generation WE will hold four major assemblies the day of the summit that will focus on career building, branding yourself, how to utilize a college degree, and highlighting careers that are in the greatest demand.
After the assemblies, faculty moderators from Devry, which is one of the major sponsors, will break the attendees down into smaller groups to help them apply what they have learned in a “learning by doing” segment.
A networking period will follow, and will include industry leaders from Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, UPS, the Los Angeles Police Department and numerous human relation firms. Generation WE’s free career summit will be held on Devry’s Long Beach campus from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. On-site registration starts at 8 a.m., however space is limited and women are encourated to pre-register by going to