LANCASTER, Calif. – There is a shift on the earth happening right before us. Some say it is as if the earth is ascending into a new age. Others are saying it is a spiritual revolution. One man in Lancaster believes there is a soul shift getting ready to take the world by storm. He says it is the divine presence of the Holy Spirit coming to take the world to a new level of spiritual awakening.
Lowell White says God told him to take a leap of faith and take a ride from Fairbanks, Alaska, to the Florida Keys. It sounds crazy, but he is ready to get going and preach the message across the country on his bike.
Thirty years ago, White had an encounter, as he calls it, with a divine presence at a friend’s house.
“So I looked out the window, because I felt like there just had to be something out there. But there wasn’t anything but the early morning sun. But I felt this presence,” he said nostalgically. “It was like the quality of gold, wrapped in sunshine, beautiful warm sunshine … and this infinite love, so peaceful and so loving.”
As the experience began to fade, White says a peaceful message of reassurance dropped into his spirit and stayed with him forever, but he initially did not understand the reason for this divine visitation.
Years later, he was also given a vision about nations and people gathering in peace because of God’s divine intervention. White said he subsequently had a dream of a dagger with a brilliant handle, starting from Alaska and ending in Florida.
After some soul searching, piecing together of the puzzle, and nearly 30 years, White has figured it out. His new task is to spread the message, “The Holy Spirit is here.” Now his new task is to spread the message–“The Holy Spirit is here.”
“Our country needs healing; you can just listen and look around, from the White House to the out house, it’s in trouble,” White said. “It’s not going to be a man or a president (who will heal the country); it makes no difference who is in the White House at this time, mankind has turned his back on God. But there are a lot of remnants (people) in America who are praying.”
White believes God is bringing in a spiritual revival that people have been waiting for a long time.
This is not his first time making this kind of trip. He has cycled across the country three times before, but not with the same message. Other times it was in the name of youth. That was back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
On all of his trips, he has traveled from one town to the next, not knowing where he would lay his head or who would feed him. It was always simply an adventure. This time, it will not be any different.
White plans to house hop–spend the night at one place then go on to the next home, restaurant, radio station, church, or even jail house, as long as it is warm and safe, White can fall asleep just about anywhere. But that took some conditioning. On a past cross-country trip, He was arriving into Omaha, Neb., when a feeling of loneliness began to swallow him.
“I felt empty. I felt alone. I happened to look up and see all of these stars and they seemed to be just hanging overhead,” he reminisced. “And all of a sudden, something dropped in my spirit–ok think of yourself as America being your home, and you have 50 rooms in your house and all you are doing is visiting rooms. Just like, that the emptiness and loneliness fell away.”
The 6,000-mile bike ride will take about three to four months, and he will take with him a single rider’s pack, tightly filled with two pairs of clothes, hygiene products, thermals, rain gear, a jacket, and an extra pair of shoes. No one will be physically with him, but a team of prayer warriors, encouraging friends, and a technology team will be back home in constant communication with him via his high-tech cell phone. White will document his trip via phone video and camera, blogging his journey on a website, and calling home frequently.
The only concern he has, at this point, is his age and health, but that does not worry him enough to keep him from doing what God has asked.
“I’m looking forward to getting started, and at the same time, I’m relaxed because I’ve already started. Everyday I’m considering myself already on the way. That’s mental gymnastics,” White shared.
Evelyn, White’s wife, is excited about the trip and has no reservations for her husband. She says God has given him the vision, and she supports him 100 percent.
“I’m excited for him and I’m excited for us,” she said. “My husband has been a cyclist all his life. Now, I have an opportunity to share with him a dream and a vision the Lord has put in his heart.”
Everyday, he rides his bike, averaging 30 to 40 miles. He also works out at the local gym and eats a diet for champs – carbohydrates, fruits, and veggies. Meditation is also an important part of his training.
He will leave from Alaska May 24. The first half of his trip will be spent crossing through Canadian territory. On his website,, supporters are able to donate, stay updated via blogs, send encouraging notes, and track White’s trip.
“My message to people is to learn to belong where you are. Wherever you are, get over that you are a stranger,” White said. “Live where you are and live to the fullest.”