What can you say about a movie that has it all? Especially when in the opening scene you’re greeted with outrageous action, high drama, danger, super-villains, sexy men, and a badass sister who doesn’t flinch, when it comes to danger; okay well, she comes a wee bit later. But you wonder if the rest of the movie can top the opener? Rest assured it does.
“The Losers” is a tale of betrayal and revenge. It centers around members of an elite Special Forces unit who are sent on a search and destroy mission in the Bolivian jungle, but soon find that they have become the target of a deadly double cross. They have already won the audiences’ loyalty by their acts of bravery and defiance, but in their world they are losers and expendable.
Going undercover and out for revenge, they team with a woman who seemingly comes out of nowhere and who is also out for revenge. Somebody killed her father; never mind he wasn’t such a great guy, but he was her father, and the killer has to pay. She knew who put the order to kill into action, but who actually pulled the trigger is what she intends to find out. The killer could possibly be one of the Losers. The uneasy alliance sets out on a common mission: To take down a high ranking official named Max–a deadly, dangerous man who kills at the blink of an eye, with no regard for humanity–and who is behind the ruthless plan.
“The Losers” stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Watchmen”) as Clay; Zoe Saldana (“Avatar,” “Star Trek”) as Aisha; Idris Elba (“Obsessed”) as Roque; Columbus Short (“Stomped the Yard,” “Death at a Funeral”) as Pooch; Chris Evans (the “Fantastic Four” films) as Jensen; new comer Oscar Jaenada (“Che: Part Two) as Cougar; and Jason Patric (“In the Valley of Elah”) stars as the notorious Max.
Zoe Saldana is outstanding as the only female on the crew. She says her training for the blockbuster movie “Avatar” played a significant role in her ability to deliver fight scenes that looked all too real.
According to director Sylvain White, “Aisha is not the lady in distress; quite the contrary, she’s the badass who actually rescues the men.”
Producer Joel Silver says “Zoe is beautiful and sexy and exciting–all the things Aisha needed to be. We wanted Aisha to be a match for the guys and then some. She’s tough, smart, opinionated and able to mix it up, and everything we expected of the character, Zoe delivered to the role.”
Based upon a DC comic book series, the film is expertly directed by Sylvain White who brought us “Stomp the Yard.” White says “The Losers have fun, while they kick butt.”
Indeed, the excellent script delivered by Peter Berg, who also directed “Hancock” starring Will Smith, had great comedic overtones that kept the audience laughing between the gasps and shrieks.
Max (Jason Patric), on the other hand, is anything but funny. He thinks the team is dead, and before they can reclaim their lives they have to deal with him. Max is a shadowy and ruthless government operative, who is now operating by his own set of rules to keep America on top, whether America likes his methods or not.
“The Losers” is clearly one of the best action films to date. You will like the characters and their outrageous antics; shocking and uncompromising, the action will leave you begging for more.
“The Losers” arrives in theaters Friday.
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