The Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN) is a movement of young people between the ages of 18-35, who are involved in the network marketing industry.
YEN consists of a group of enthusiastic, energetic entrepreneurs who assist other young people to reach new horizons in the free enterprise world.
The network attracts young people from all walks of life and introduces them to life-changing opportunities. It also mentors, motivates, and inspires them to think, dream, and take action in pursuit of turning those dreams into a reality.
YEN trains the young people extensively on professionalism and image. This is all done while leading by example for future generations. Most importantly, the network helps young people to achieve their goals, simply by offering mentoring and instruction to guide them for what they really want to do in life.
YEN uses the power of visualization to help youth walk, talk, think, act, and conduct themselves as they see themselves in the future.
The network’s goal is to reach out to as many young people around the world and help them succeed in life. By targeting “Generation X,” the group strives to not only prepare the youth for the new wave of earning, but the generations before and after will be affected by the YEN movement, as well.
The organization headquarters are located in Arlington, Texas, and its members are spread across several states. Recently, YEN launched an international division enabling it to expand its movement worldwide.
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