The United States Census Bureau is urging residents of Carson who have received their census forms with “Long Beach” as their city to correct the city name on the form, complete it, and mail it back to the Census Bureau.
The call from the Census Bureau comes in the wake of complaints received by the City of Carson from its residents who have received their 2010 Census form which — although has the correct street address and zip code — has “Long Beach” as the city. The complaints come from various locations throughout the city, suggesting that possibly all census forms mailed to Carson residents may have the incorrect city on it. According to a census flyer, residents who received their form with an incorrect address must still complete their form, but must correct the city name and/or zip code before mailing the form back to the Census Bureau.
The situation in Carson has created a major concern among officials of the city of Carson, which is hoping to reach a milestone mark in the 2010 Census count. “This particular census year is important because this is the year we’re expecting our population count to hit 100,000. This mistake could cost us funds that are essential for our community,” said Jerry Groomes, Carson’s city manager of the situation. Groomes and other city officials are currently working with officials at the federal level to address the situation and avoid a potential undercount of its population.
In the meantime, residents are urged not to disregard their census forms and to respond to census workers who may personally follow-up at their homes to ensure that every resident of the city is counted.