It won’t be long before the familiar melody of “Pomp and Circumstance” will be floating through the air in gymnasiums, stadiums and even kindergarten classrooms as graduates of all ages embark on a new journey.
You may have a close friend or relative graduating this spring, and are looking for truly personal gift ideas that celebrate the graduate and the achievement in reaching this milestone.
One suggestion is to create a custom photo book that reflects the graduate’s own unique story and personality. You don’t need to have scrapbooking talents to create a beautiful book, because there are online tools like Jostens Photo Books that offer a myriad of page designs, countless hard cover choices and real help from real people just a phone call or e-mail away. Once your book is just the way you want it, Jostens will print it on archival quality paper with a stitched binding – built to last a lifetime – and ship it to your door.
Ideas for a fantastic graduation photo book include:
* Graduate’s life story: From baby pics to senior year, share your favorite memories of the grad – even a few they might not remember. Include photos of friends, special gatherings and activities the graduate was involved in, and add any phrases or quotes that hold special meaning.
* Friends and memories: Create a “friends” photo book with pictures of the graduate and friends through the years – from kindergarten classmates to high school pals. Putting these photos together will bring back memories and stories to share.
* Make a guest book for the party: Jostens offers two new guest books designed for your graduation event – Graduation Signatures and Graduation Stories. Graduation Signatures provides the traditional lined pages with space for the name and address of each guest. Graduation Stories is designed for guests to write a personal note to the graduate, share a story, or an encouraging message as the graduate starts a new stage in their life. Unveil the book at the party for everyone to enjoy and sign.
Providing a graduate with memories to rediscover and treasure now and in the future is a great way to honor their accomplishments. Plus, now through June 30, you can enjoy $10 off your own Jostens Photo Book when you use promo code: GRADBOOK. For more information, go to