Los Angeles, CA – The Professional Community Intervention Training Institute (PCITI) and the Southern California campus of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology have partnered in an effort to stop gang violence. Recently, the organizations announced their partnership that will train and professionally certify gang and crisis interventionists. “Our partnership with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology brings a multitude of expertise to our efforts to produce the most experienced intervention professionals in the nation,” said Aquil Basheer, executive director and founder of PCITI.
As crisis intervention training is part of the Chicago School’s curriculum, PCITI plans to enhance the program with gang intervention techniques through internships. All students will receive credit toward their degrees. “As a professional school, our focus is not strictly on research and theory, but on preparing students to become outstanding practitioners, by providing direct services to help individuals and organizations thrive,” said Dr. Debra Warner, a professor at the Chicago School. “Our school prepares students with superior theoretical and classroom preparation opportunities to build on their multicultural and global sophistication.”
LAPD Sergeant Curtis Woodel recognizes the difference PCITI has made in the community and looks forward to the progress the program will provide in the future. “When law enforcement and the community work together, great things happen,” he commented.
Students will have access to local law enforcement agencies and emergency responding agencies to help future interventionists understand the methods needed to save lives and prevent senseless crimes.