The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has revised its policy on Inter-District permits that will limit the ability to transfer only to those seeking Parent Employment Permits and Senior Status. This means that only students whose parents/guardians are physically employed within the boundaries of another school district will be issued permits, and students who need to complete their final year at a school outside the district will be given a permit.
According to Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines, this will help LAUSD recapture some of the $51 million it loses each year, because of resident students attending schools outside the district. Currently about 12,249 youngsters attend school outside the district. Parents may also submit applications for permits to attend unique educational programs or for exceptions that fall outside of the two primary conditions. These additional permits will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Parents who are denied a permit, will be able appeal the decision.

* * *
Compton Unified School District (CUSD) will hold public forums Monday and Tuesday in the Board of Trustees board room at 501 S. Santa Fe Ave. to obtain ideas and input on what they can do to improve the education provided to students in CUSD’s middle and high schools. Compton has eight middle schools, three regular high schools and five continuation schools.
Academically, the middle schools range from 541 to 697 on the Academic Performance Index score. The high schools range from a low of 485 to a high of 563. The statewide goal is 800. Additionally, eight district schools were named to the state superintendent’s list of the persistently lowest achieving schools list.
The community meetings are part of CUSD’s efforts to develop a reform plan that will allow them to apply for an additional $5.4 million in grants from the state through the Quality Education Investment Act.