Black Women for Wellness is committed to healing, educating and supporting Black women.
Started in 1994 and initially called the Birthing Project, Black for Wellness was a group of African American women who came together because of their concerns for the health and wellness of their children. As time progressed, the project grew into something bigger.
This group of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, daughters and sisters decided they needed to create something that would help tackle all of the health issues regarding women of color.
Black Women for Wellness’ mission is to prevent illness in Black women through education, self-empowerment and mutual support. They also strive to bring an end to historical patterns and practices that lead to higher levels of disease in our communities.
The organization also trains speakers for panel discussions, lectures and programs on all aspects of women’s health and helps them by referring women to culturally sensitive health care providers and counseling services.
Black Women for Wellness contributes to improving the community through a plethora of different programs and services. These include Sisters @ Eight, a program that offers an opportunity for communication and networking among service providers and community members who provide (and are in search of) culturally competent services in the Los Angeles Black community.
The Sisters in Motion program encourages health and fitness through various offerings including belly dance classes, Saturday morning walks, and participation in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure.
Internet Quilt helps close geographic barriers by encouraging information sharing between international as well as national women seeking shared solutions to common challenges.
Woman 2 Woman is an annual conference that addresses and disseminates information regarding reproductive issues and the status of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in our community.
Black Women for Wellness has received grants from Liberty Hill Foundation, California Consumer Protection Foundation, and the Region IX Office of Women’s Health.
The program also has a quarterly newsletter called Metamorphosis which discusses the health disparity in the Black communities and offers articles and facts about Black health.
Black Women for Wellness is always looking for new members to expand their reach and their voice. If you are interested in becoming part of a organization that enhances the health and wellness of Black women, contact them at (323) 290-5955 or online at