Yolanda Wright Bozant, popularly called “YoBo,” is from Compton, California. YoBo worked as a legal secretary for over 20 years when she retired to care for her elderly parents.
Being a caregiver left YoBo with a lot of free time on her hands, which caused her to begin writing. She has published three books: Hook’ded Up Wif Ebonics: A Humorous Look At Linguistics; Life With Father and Mother: The Lighter Side of Care-giving; and Can You Be A Freak and Still Love The Lord: All The Things Our Parents and Pastors Should Have Told Us About Sex.
In November 2004, YoBo started her inspirational column “Be All You Can Be” and two years later expanded it into a magazine. YoBo has her own television show on Time Warner Public Access called “The YoBo Show” and co-hosts a radio program “Sex, Religion and Love with Ask Deanna”
YoBo sits on the Board of Directors for Champions of Caring Connections, Inc., (“CCC”) a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless children and families, low-income families and foster youth.
YoBo’s biggest accomplishment has been to create the 50 Jewels (and Gems) Education Program. For her 50th birthday she wanted to do something extra special; she wanted to pay a whole year’s tuition for an African-Girl. Once she found out that it only costs $100 to send a girl to school for a whole year, she decided that she would do that and much more. YoBo decided she would send 50 African girls to school. And because it was her 50th birthday, she decided to name her new organization 50 Jewels (named for her mother). She also decided to put in extra for books, uniforms, and food to feed the family to help compensate for a daughter not working anymore.
YoBo then began to encourage others to donate spare change to help these girls get an education and has since sent seven Liberians and one Ghanaian girl to school.
If you want to contribute to YoBo’s cause, visit http://www.beallyoucanbetheemagazine.com/50Jewels.html to make a donation.