Compton, CA–The owner of a nonprofit arts organization called RAY’S Recycler, is seeking to open an arts program in the Hub City, and is taking a path less traveled to reach his goal.
He has posted a proposal on a website created by Pepsi, and is asking people to spread the word and vote to give the city an art gallery.
Presently they do not have one, nor do they have a culture center or even any arts and crafts supply stores, explained Ray Fox, founder of Hub Gallery in Long Beach.
“The Hub Heritage, Culture and Art Gallery will be a vital and crucial crossroad in the community. It will give life and vitality to the arts and provide essential support to the social fiber of the city of Compton,” said the art promoter, who ran Hub Gallery in Long Beach for 13 years which was started with the purpose of providing an opportunity for minority artists to show and promote their works.
Fox is asking people to vote for his proposal in the arts and culture section on Pepsi’s Refresh America Campaign. He has submitted a grant request seeking $50,000 to underwrite an art program that will include a public culture and arts center, an anti-graffiti mural program, art classes and exhibits, technical and financial assistance for artists as well as an artist registry.
The Refresh America program was launched this January when Pepsi agreed to donate $1.3 million each month to individuals, non-profits and others who have ideas to improve their communities.
Anyone can submit a proposal in one of six categories including arts and culture, where Hub Heritage entered. The more votes a proposal gets, the more likely it will win funding. People can go to the web site and vote for the project once a day until March 31.
If you are interested in supporting Fox, go to the web site and do a search for his project or put into your browser, and the project will come up.