Rock and Roll Hall of Fame songwriters/producers Leon Huff and Kenneth Gamble are devastated, after a fire broke out at “Sound of Philadelphia”– the office of their record label Philadelphia International Records (PIR).
The fire is suspected to have begun on the third floor of the building where the recording studios and numerous pieces of irreplaceable memorabilia–such as awards and gold and platinum records–are located.
Huff and Gamble expect that they have lost at least 40% of their awards and their personan inventory of CDs by music greats such as Michael Jackson and Teddy Pendergrass.
The damage to the building is extensive, but Huff and Gamble are adamant about rebuilding the facility.
“Our space has been violated by someone who chose to set fire to it,” said Gamble and Huff in a joint statement. “But what’s most important is that we will build it again and continue to rebuild. Nothing is going to stop us.”
The music duo is thankful that the third-floor studio where they created so many hit songs, suffered the least damage and may still be salvageable.
Officials say the fire was suspicious, but so far there have been no suspects identified or any arrests.