President Barack Obama made a public service announcement, encouraging the national participation in the 2010 Census. The PSA will air on local radio and television stations to emphasize the importance of the public’s full participation.
Local organizers including community activist organizations and non-profits are supporting the Census by donating training locations, reportedly saving taxpayers an estimated $338.5 million.
“The role our partners play in spreading the message that the census is easy, important, and safe to participate is invaluable,” said Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves. “Partners motivate people to fill out and mail back their census questionnaires — an important role not only because of the local impact the census has, but also because every one percent increase in mail response saves taxpayers about $85 million.”
Partners play no role in census operations and do not conduct questionnaires.
To make the process easy for everyone, the census questions are short and to the point. Bureau officials are encouraging all residents to take the survey because federal funding is contingent on the census results. Also seats in the House of Representatives are strategically numbered according to the census population results. Jobs and public services are distributed in sync with community populations and needs.
Residents will receive in a mail-back questionnaire. For convenience and ease, the Bureau estimates it will take at the most 10 minutes. If households fail to respond, another form will be sent. If after the second attempt to retrieve information is without avail, census workers will visit homes and assist residents with completing the survey.
Unresponsive people can be fined up to $100 and $500 for submitting false information. All information is confidential and will not be used for immigration purposes. For more information about the upcoming census