Nine local schools are among those campuses who have been selected as 2009-10 Title I Academic Achievement Award winners by the California Department of Education.
This award is only given to campuses that receive federal Title I funds, which are designed to help schools in K-12 meet the educational needs of students living near or at the poverty level.
In California, 6,000 of the state’s 9,000 schools participate in this program.
In order to win the award, a school must demonstrate that all students on campus are making significant progress toward and be delcared proficient in the state’s academic content standards. Additionally students designated as socio-encomically disadvantaged must have doubled their achievement target scores for two consecutive years.
The state department of education uses the Academic Performance Index as one of the key indicators to determine how well schools are doing. All schools are currently working to hit a score of at least 800, and the top score possible is 1,000.
The state will honor the 2009-10 award winners April 21 during a ceremony at the Disneyland Hotel.
Below find the local schools that will be recognized.
Compton Unified 2009 Base & Growth 2008 Base & Growth
Rosecrans Elementary/Compton Unified 766/804 716/766

Inglewood Unified 2009 Base & Growth 2008 Base & Growth
Highland Elementary 810/850 759/813 Wilder’s Preparatory Academy Charter 808/853 803/811

Hawthorne Unified 2009 Base & Growth 2008 Base & Growth
Hawthorne Math and Science Academy 857/858 844/857

Los Angeles Unified 2009 Base & Growth 2008 Base & Growth
Crescendo Charter Academy 740/794 720/745
54th Street Elementary 762/816 721/763
74th Street Elementary 744/817 729/750
Harbor Teacher Preparatory Academy 853/872 823/853
View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter 795/827 726/798