With public school budgets stretched so much that many have severely curtailed summer school offerings, the Los Angeles Archdiocese has stepped in and will offer academic and extended day programs to students.

The summer school programs at Los Angeles area Catholic schools will start in the next several weeks, according to an Archdiocese spokesperson, and the courses offered will vary according to the campus.

There is a charge for the classes that will range from $100 to $300 depending on the school, session and course, and the fee should include books and materials. Parents who want their children to attend but have a financial challenge, can talk to the individual school to find out what type of assistance might be available.

The Catholic summer school program is available to students in kindergarten to grade 12. Sessions range from two to six weeks, and depending on the course, credits should be transferable to public school.

To find the school nearest you, go to the website www.archdiocese.la, go to popular pages and click on the link that says find a school. Put in your zip code and find the nearest campus.

An Archdiocese spokesperson suggested calling the school before you go by to sign up.