Standing ovations and ‘boos’ for the villain filled the Morgan-Wilson Theatre in Santa Monica, Sunday, when the cast of “Intimate Apparel” took their final bows after an incredible run.

The story follows Esther, a 35 year old unmarried seamstress of ladies’ lingerie (intimate apparel) in the early 1900s.

Twists and turns through the performance kept the audience on the edge of their seats. A neighbor whispered to us, “I never saw that coming!” after a racy scene between Esther and one of her clientele. Actually, there were several of those moments throughout the play.

The performance moved at a comfortable pace. In fact, the time seemed to fly by as the audience became more and more involved with the characters. Your heart went out to Esther, the hard-working, decent woman with a dream deferred – to one day have a salon for black women to be pampered.

The other characters were developed in such a way that the audience understood them and was engaged in their relationships. There were no minor roles.

“Intimate Apparel” is directed by D’Shuan A. Booker and produced by Saul Saladow. The cast includes Nadjah Dabney, Alex Luria, Theodore Mark Martinez, Karen Roberson, Ivy Khan and Gisla Stringer.

When “Intimate Apparel” performs again, and it surely will, don’t miss it!