Los Angeles, CA — Dance as a form of worship is a common occurrence in many religions. For example Praise dancing is a combination of modern, jazz, and ballet. But KRUMPING for Christ as a form of worship? KRUMP – an acronym for Kingdom, Radically Uplifting, Mighty, Praise can be used as a form of worship and is a perfect fit for the skateboard riding, Mohawk wearing, sagging jeans sporting youth who prefers not to worship like their parents.

On Saturday, May 30, from 5-11 p.m., Frederick K.C. Price III School (FKCP) will host the KRUMP Zone. The school, located on Crenshaw Christian Center grounds at 7901 S. Vermont Ave. in the heart of Los Angeles, will feature LA’s best Krumpers and dance crews. Suggested donation is $7 at the door and free parking is provided. The proceeds will be donated to FKCP III School.

The Krump Zone is a popular club event where teens and young adults can enjoy the Hip Hop craze, featuring crews from across Southern California. This live show format consists of performances by Krump crews, solo Krumpers and will also spotlight Gospel artists.

“It is very important to provide Christian youth with positive channels to express themselves,” said Harges Pittman, principal of FKCP III School.

The Krump Zone serves as an alternate for secular clubs and it also provides a safe environment to have fun. Youth will set the stage showing off their best Krumping or Jerking, or whatever current dance they want to bring to the stage.

“There is an positive message behind The Krump Zone,” said Greg Smith, the creator of The Krump Zone. “The kids are off the streets, dancing in a safe environment. It’s also helping them build self-esteem.”

The Krump Zone is not limited to Christians, it welcomes ALL youth. Smith is the son of a minister who grew up in the church, but was highly influenced by the streets of Los Angeles where he engaged in gang activity. Because of his street experience, Smith has a unique connection with today’s youth.

“This is a form of ministry and is also a way to support the youth of today,” said Smith
For more information on The Krump Zone, go to www.thekrumpzone.com or contact Greg Smith (562) 761-8722.