Compton, CA — Sunday night in Compton was the realization of many mothers’ nightmares.
Danielle Farber, a single mother of a rising high school football star received news about her only son’s death on that dreadful evening.

Young football star Dannie Farber Jr., 18, was gunned down at a local Louisiana Fried Chicken on Rosecrans and Central Avenues at 9:39 p.m.

“He was coming from home. I just talked to him on the phone and he was picking up his girlfriend,” Danielle recalled.

Apparently, an armed gang member walked up to the 18 year-old, uttered a few words then shot him.

The manager at the restaurant, who was on duty at the time, describes the scene, “A gangster came in, then hit up the guy, then bang, bang, bang.” Farber was shot four times. Though he could not make out the gang member’s face, he remembers the shooter was African American, about five feet five inches tall, wearing a gray or white hooded sweatshirt, and jeans with white back pockets.

“My son wasn’t involved with any gangs,” Danielle says, “My son wasn’t about any madness.”

Dannie was just weeks away from his high school graduation from Narbonne High School where he played as a wide receiver. He was planning to attend Harbor College.

“My son was a good kid,” with sadness in her voice Danielle began sobbing as she remembered her son, “He had dreams and ambitions and somebody took that away from my baby.”

Candlelight vigils were held by grieving friends and family on Monday and Tuesday nights at the scene of the murder. Anyone with information is urged to contact Detectives Toni Martinez or Eddie Brown at (323) 890-5500.