Los Angeles, CA — Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35) announced over $10 million in federal funding for 19 projects throughout her Congressional District. Funding for the projects was included in the fiscal year 2009 omnibus appropriations legislation passed by the United States Congress and recently signed into law by President Obama.

Rep. Waters stated, “The project awards include funding for our community’s education system, our small businesses, our infrastructure and our environment. I have worked for many months with the community leaders from Inglewood, Lawndale, Gardena, Hawthorne, and Los Angeles to make sure funding was directed to where it was needed the most.

“I worked with leaders in Congress to make sure that the highest level of scrutiny was given to each project funded this year, and I am confident that this money will be put to good use in our community.”

The list of funded project awards and the amount of funding they have received follows:
* Diabetic Amputation Prevention Foundation, The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program: $238,000.
* Los Angeles Southwest College, Nursing Program Technology and Capacity Building: $285,000.
* South Bay Workforce Investment Board, The Bridge-to-Work Program: $95,000.
* Alzheimer’s Association, Caregiver Education & Outreach and Public Awareness Campaign: $190,000.
* Community Build, Inc., Gang Prevention and Community Safety Project: $150,000.
* City of Refuge Economic Development Corporation, AOH Re-Entry Employment Project: $70,000.
* City of Gardena, Gardena Public Safety Surveillance: $380,000.
* City of Inglewood, Inglewood City Voice Radio Interoperable Communication Infrastructure Upgrade: $500,000.
* City of Lawndale, Design and Construction of a Community Center: $475,000.
* City of Gardena, Economic Development/Revitalization of the Rosecrans Corridor: $190,000.
* Municipal Transit Operators Coalition, Clean Fuel Purchase and Facility Improvements: $475,000.
* Los Angeles Southwest College, LA Southwest College Western Transit Center: $712,000.
* Marvin Engineering, Internally Transported Vehicle: $1,600,000.
* Loyola Marymount University, Rapid Prototyping and Nanotechnology Initiative: $800,000.
* City of Inglewood, Water System Reliability Project: $143,000.
* West Basin Municipal Water District, Harbor/South Bay Water Recycling Project: $2,871,000.
* City of Lawndale, Firmona Avenue Storm Drain Construction: $350,000.
* City of Inglewood, Business Development Program: $430,757.
* First Community Development Corporation, Business Skills Development Program: $98,257.