Los Angeles, CA — Washington Preparatory High School (Prep) is filled with many different and unique people.

One group specifically has come together to work on a project to connect the school to environmental, or “green” efforts taking place throughout the community and the nation.
Community Based Instructions (CBI) is a special education class that has been nurturing the Prep’s garden since last year.

CBI started by placing empty bins in certain classes and telling students that they could place plastic bottles, as well as aluminum cans inside. The group collected the full bins at the end of the week, redeeming the recyclables for money to buy the materials necessary to bring the garden to life.

The students visit the garden when required and Herbert Morrison, the CBI teacher, checks on it daily. The size of the garden is not enormous and there are no complicated tools, but the effort and dedication is visible. The garden is in good shape and sure to produce a healthy harvest.

Students have planted tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, peas, cucumbers, and herbs. They also want to promote healthy eating by preparing salads with the harvest. They work along with the members of the Harvest of the Month, which is a club sponsored by teacher, Shelice Hillyer. They plan to expand and include fruit trees and berry bushes.

The garden is being dedicated to Morrison for his hard work in its creation. This project has been such a success to the environment as well as the public, and is sending a powerful message to the world about going green.

Teachers are encouraging students to spread the word by creating a garden at home to grow their own fruits and vegetables. While growing these things they will be learning responsibility as well as commitment.

And, let’s not forget that they will be setting an example for other teens to support the “green effort.”