Nashville, TN – David “Pop” Winans, Sr., died in Nashville, TN at the age of 74. His family announced that he had been convalescing in a hospice since October after suffering a heart attack and stroke.

“Pop” Winans was nominated for a Grammy for his solo CD “Uncensored’. He and his wife, Dolores, were also nominated for their CD “Mom & Pop Winans.”

His popularity increased with the success of two of his children, Bebe and Cece Winans and his sons, Carvin, Marvin, Michael and Ronald’s formation of the gospel group the “Winans.”

The Detroit native loved to preach but also worked as a taxi driver, barber and salesman. For a short time, he also managed the career of four of his children.

Many will pay their respects to “Pop” Winans at a memorial service scheduled some time this week and officiated by his son, Marvin Winans, who is the senior pastor of Perfecting Church.