Los Angeles, CA — It is not often that a person has the opportunity to touch history and make history all in one lifetime. But that is Gwen Moore’s story.

Moore was first elected to public office in 1975, when voters sent her to the Los Angeles Community College District. Then in 1978, she won the right to represent Angelenos in the California Assembly, where she would stay for 16 years.

Among her accomplishments were serving as a Majority Whip and heading the prestigious Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee. During her tenure, Moore also served as a member of every major Assembly committee, and gained a reputation as a lawmaker who knew how to build coalitions and consensus.

This skill and talent also led to her appointment to a number of critical organizations including the Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy: The “Little Hoover” Commission.

Moore also had the opportunity to work with historic figures in California politics–Congressman Augustus Hawkins and former Lt. Governor Mervyn Dymally. It was from the latter that she gained a key understanding of how to maneuver in the sometimes times perilous waters of politics. And it was from the former that her passion for the people was strengthened.

In her own right, Moore chairs Women Building for the Future Political Action Committee, the first and only national PAC to raise money for political candidates with a primary focus on African American women. Today Moore heads her own public affairs agency, GeM Communications Group.