Sometimes, your soul just needs a little splurge.

Even in this economy, there are times when a mocha-latte with extra foam can make all the difference in your day. A new CD can be a necessity. Even a pair of earrings from the Dollar Store can lift your spirits when they need lifting the most.

But some shoppers take Retail Therapy to such an extreme that they need real therapy. In the new book “The Best of Everything” (c.2009, William Morrow, $23.99 / $28.99 Canada, 276 pages) by Kimberla Lawson Roby, a shop-til-you-drop girl drops right into trouble with her buying habit.

Alicia Black Sullivan loves her husband, Phillip, with all her heart. He’s a good man, very romantic and handsome. He adores her, and she knows he’ll be faithful – which is an important issue, since Alicia’s father was such a philanderer. But Alicia doesn’t think that Phillip has much motivation, and therein lies a problem.

Phillip is a preacher. He’s the assistant pastor at Deliverance Outreach, which is Alicia’s daddy’s church, and she knows that The Reverend Curtis Black is grooming his son-in-law to lead another church somewhere outside Chicago.

The problem is, Alicia knows that Phillip can do better. If he was the leader at a mega-church, he could make more than the $3,000 a week he’s earning. He could make a lot more money. And Alicia loooooves money.

But Phillip just doesn’t understand. He thinks he’s just fine where he’s at, and that they should save for the future. He says Alicia is jeopardizing their lives with her spending habits. He doesn’t understand that she’s absolutely not about to live without nice clothes, decent jewelry, and fashionable shoes. Phillip doesn’t see that her trips to the mall are not going to stop. Alicia hates it when they fight, but if marriage is a compromise, why should she be the one to give in?

Phillip hates to fight, too, but he’s fed up. Alicia brings home thousands of dollars worth of clothes every week, and he knows she’s hiding even more. He also knows that if she keeps spending this way, she’ll be shopping for more than just clothes.

She’ll be shopping for a lawyer.

Even in this economy, do you love buyin’ til you’re flyin’? Then whip open your wallet for this book.

In “The Best of Everything”, author Kimberla Lawson Roby re-visits the Reverend Curtis Black, a character we’ve met in Roby’s past books. The Reverend is a man who seems to collect scandal and he’s obviously passed the trouble gene on to his spoiled daughter, who seems equally attracted to rotten behavior and self-centeredness.

Despite that Alicia is a true brat, I liked this book. It’s quick and, if you’ve never read the other novels featuring Reverend Black, it can be enjoyed by itself. My guess is, though, that once you meet these characters, you’ll want to read the whole set.

If you’re looking for some inexpensive escapism, look for this book. “The Best of Everything” is one of the best things you’ll put in your shopping list this week.