Since 2001, Ninth District Councilperson Jan Perry has been working diligently to revitalize the bustling and diverse 9th council district. Perry has fought hard over the years to ensure that the district receives its fair share of city services. Among the many exciting projects slated for the district are three mixed-use developments under construction in the Central Avenue corridor. The developments will include a mix of affordable housing, quality retail, and two new grocery stores.
Perry is also overseeing the construction of a $13 million Neighborhood City Hall at 43rd Street and Central Avenue that will include a state-of-the-art roof top garden. Over $52 million have been invested, earmarked, or spent on the improvement and development of new parks and park amenities throughout the 9th district under Perry’s leadership.

“My other primary focus is bringing more businesses and attracting job opportunities for the constituents in the 9th District,” said Perry.

Now in her third term as councilwoman, Perry said she is thrilled and honored to serve the 9th district. “I love what I do, I enjoy serving people and I love having the title of public servant,” Perry said.