Los Angeles, CA — The Office of the City Attorney is a bustling place, but Capri Maddox feels right at home.

As a Deputy City Attorney and Neighborhood Prosecutor at the LAPD Wilshire Division for nearly five years, Maddox works tirelessly with community groups, local law enforcement, elected officials and other service providers to design effective crime prevention strategies. She aggressively prosecutes offenders and has successfully implemented creative sentencing to provide the maximum benefit to area residents.

“My dad was a union guy and I grew up going to community and council meetings with my father,” recalls Maddox, who is married to public relations whiz Kerman Maddox. “So I feel really at home serving the community.”

Maddox is passionate about improving the community and is dedicated to quality of life issues. “The Neighborhood Prosecutor program addresses nuisance bars, motels, massage parlors, liquor stores and other chronic crime locations that are a problem for the community. The city attorney’s office works to close them. In addition, when persons are arrested for sales of narcotics within a thousand feet of their apartments, we can have them evicted. These are tools that City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has armed us with to serve our community.”

Maddox is also concerned with inner city youth. “I would like to see more programs to see youth stay out of the criminal justice system,” said Maddox. I find it disturbing that a number of media outlets tend to glamorize the criminal lifestyle. I believe it’s detrimental and it seems like they are trying to target our youth.”

Maddox received her master’s degree in public administration and a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from California State University of Los Angeles. She received her juris doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law.

The recipient of numerous awards, Maddox was honored with the 2008 Leadership Award from the Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives.