The Mayme Clayton Library (MCL), located in Culver City, CA was presented with a $250,000 federal grant by Congresswoman Diane E. Watson to refurbish and expand the recently acquired facility.

Avery Clayton, CEO and president of MCL accepted the funds for the library which is renowned for its extensive collection of rare African American books, literature, recordings, movies and other priceless documents.

“Funding for the Mayme Clayton Library is critical,” said Rep Watson. “It ensures that information documenting the rich history and experience of blacks in America will be preserved.” “Mayme Clayton, a renowned librarian, worked her entire life to assemble a priceless collection of historical artifacts before her death last year. I am pleased that Ms. Clayton’s heroic efforts have not been in vain,” said Watson, “but will rightfully serve as historical and intellectual nourishment for this generation as well as future generations of Americans.”