To begin with, I’m a New York junkie. I love New York and everything about it. So, when I heard that BET will be airing a reality series based in Harlem, I got excited. When I found out the subject matter, I said Halleluiah! It’s not about gangs, hard times, because Lord knows we got ’em, but about young people with college degrees and dreams ready to take on the world.

One of the favorite New York sayings goes something like this, “if you make it in New York, you can make it anywhere” and I do believe this new series “Harlem Heights” will prove to be true.
Get ready for a different kind of hustle and bustle, where the stakes are high, love is more than a four letter word and where friendships can be tested and retested again and again.

“Harlem Heights” introduces us to eight young adults from different backgrounds poised to take on the “big apple” set in legendary Harlem, the Mecca of Black achievement.

Meet Brooke, who is out to break some hearts, that is before hers gets broken…again. It seems Ms. Brooke got the taste of the “good life” when she was hooked-up with a very well known international music superstar. Her very public breakup didn’t sour her on love, but it made her hungry for more of the life that suits her best, and this time it’s on her own terms.

Then there’s Christian. He’s the Lifestyle Editor for Dime Magazine, a perfect job for him because he knows something of the “good life” having grown up privileged, and the offspring of a very dynamic father. He’s got a lot to live up to, and he’s determined to do it Christian style. Will this make “Big Daddy” happy? Only time will tell.

Ashlie, Ashlie, Ashlie. You can’t have a New York reality series without an actor and she’s our girl. By day she’s taking classes, auditioning and keeping fit in the gym. And how does this “party girl” spend her evenings? She works as a bartender at the hottest club in Harlem. She knows she’s hot, and while she’s working that bar, she sees it as role playing. Is she sending out the wrong messages?

Pierre, aka “pretty boy” is a young man after every mother’s heart. This former college basketball star is determined to show his mother that the sacrifices she made to raise him were not in vain. He’ll show the world that being raised by a single mom, in a tough environment, with a formerly drug addicted father is not a deterrent when it comes to pursuing your goals.

Landon knows Harlem like the back of his hand; his father is one of Harlem’s movers and shakers. He was born to lead, and to give back as a public servant. But with all that going for him, the young brother likes to have a good time. Will he find the right balance and live up to his father’s expectations at the same time?

Briana goes first class or not at all, it’s VIP or nothing. Working as a technical designer for Victoria Secret Pink lead her to start her own designer line of handbags called B. Maria. Sister girl works hard and feels like she deserves the best, she hangs out with Brooke who also feels she’s all that…clash, anyone?

We’re going on a life journey with Bridget. The Spelman grad is attending law school, teaching, writing for AOL and living the New York lifestyle. She trying not to burn out because she’s got a lot to say, and is determined to say it.

And then there’s Jason aka “Young Harlem.” Jason is also known as “Daddy” to his 8 year old daughter that he’s raising on his own. He’s turned his life around and he’s giving back by starting a nonprofit in the Harlem community that helps children whose parents are incarcerated.

There’s so much more to this series. You won’t want to miss a moment of it.

“Harlem Heights” premiering Monday, March 2 at 10 p.m.

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