“My goal, as an artist, is not only to be creative, but to be innovative. I take an aggressive approach to my art, integrating my creativity with experimentation and originality. My art crosses all boundaries and breaks barriers in terms of ‘categorizing’ my art form. I can tackle any medium…If I can think it, I can do it. I like to incorporate the element of design and an array of vivid colors, movements, and light effects into my work to evoke emotions in those viewing my art.”

This ingenious style of creating artwork has gotten Obasogie Aimiuwu noticed. He was nominated and went on to become a finalist at the ARTV AWARDS ceremony held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. The crowds were drawn to his magnificent display of watercolor paintings, the category in which he was nominated. The judges, including a museum curator, were enthusiastic and intrigued by Obasogie’s works of art. He has received numerous art show awards. In addition, on a recent visit to Atlanta, GA, his works caught the attention of the CEO of a museum that specializes in African art and heritage. Collaboration is planned for the near future.

“Art is not my only passion; I love helping and inspiring others. My ambition is to continue to grow as an artist, to be remembered for my compassion towards others, and to make history in art.”