Los Angeles, CA – There is no such thing as an overnight success. Barack Obama didn’t just magically appear in a puff of smoke.

Exploring the strategy of his climb to the top can be as intoxicating as following the historical paths of the Underground Railroad, the Civil Rights movement and other pivotal events.

Like the “yellow brick road,” with it’s twists and turns; witches and farmers; heartless and brainless, the journey eventually led to the Emerald City. Or, in Obama’s case, the White House in Chocolate City.

In “How Obama Won,” author Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines the players, the impact of race and gender, participation of youth, the middle class and the Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson.

“In the end, the money, whether it came from the super-rich and corporate America, or the little people, was the political game changer for Obama.”

Hutchinson is right on point. For just a few dollars, young people and blue collar workers participated and felt a vital part of Team Obama. Although, Oprah’s support and world wide appeal didn’t hurt either.

Hutchinson also poses the question, was General Colin Powell’s endorsement really a surprise?
“How Obama Won” is informative, concise and reader-friendly. To be sure, the Obama campaign will be studied endlessly. Hutchinson’s book gives political newbies some valuable information and the politically savvy will want to add it to their collection.

– Earl Ofari Hutchinson is weekly columnist with Our Weekly.