Who said good TV doesn’t exist? And that no one cares about black family dramas?
The ABC Family apparently does. “Lincoln Heights,” TV’s only black family drama is back for the third season and is more exciting and compelling than ever.
What’s so unique about this drama is that viewers get deeply involved in the family, not only on the home front but also on the job. Mom is a no nonsense emergency room nurse that manages to balance a demanding career and three children, an in-law and not to mention a husband who is a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.
“Lincoln Heights” follows the lives of the Sutton family. Eddie Sutton played by Russell Hornsby (“Something New”) decides to return with his family to the inner-city neighborhood where he was raised and where he continues to work. So, Papa Sutton has a few friends and lots of enemies in the “hood.” He and his family are constantly challenged by gang members and those individuals that simply don’t like cops.
Nickie Micheaux (“Their Eyes Were Watching God”), stars as Jenn Sutton who works in a nearby hospital. Jenn plays a strong, loving mother, not always perfect but always there for her family. But this is a drama. And, although children automatically come with their own drama, Eddie’s career and Jenn’s passion as a mother often result in highly intense moments.
It’s very refreshing to follow the lives of a loving couple as they go through their ups and downs and still manage to love and stand by each other and their children.
In spite of it all, this busy mom and dad find time to romance each other, and give audiences a whole new look at ‘pillow talk.’
Erica Hubbard (“Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”) stars as Cassie Sutton, the beautiful teenager involved in an interracial relationship with Charles, a young man played by Robert Adamson who is surrounded by rumors about his background. Their relationship will reach new heights this season, not the kind of thing a mother or dad wants to hear.
Then, there’s Mishon Ratliff as Tay Sutton, as the brother of two sisters he’s holding his own just barely, but he’s creating his own music and developing into a force to be reckoned with.
And finally there’s Lizzie, the little brainiac, played by Rhyon Brown, strong willed and not afraid of adventure. She feels very strongly about everything she’s directly or indirectly a part of; one of those judgmental kids that wears her emotions on her sleeve.
The audience will get a birds-eye view of the young Suttons growing up, and it is painful at times, truly reflecting reality.
This season, life at the Sutton house promises to be a thrill a minute. And, as a new family moves into the neighborhood, the question is, are they as great as they seem?
Keeping up with the Suttons is refreshing, rewarding and great entertainment. If you’re not familiar with them, like good TV neighbors, they’re just a click away. Go to the ABC Family Web site and catch up on all the past shows get to know the characters on and off camera, and so much more.
“Lincoln Heights” airs on Tuesdays on ABC Family Network at 8 p.m. Become a part of their viewing family.
– Gail Choice is an independent Producer/Writer/Director gcprods@aol.com.