Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company has purchased the historically famous Sun Belt Bank building in the southern sector of Dallas, to replace the offices it has leased for several years. After considerable renovation, Golden State Mutual will officially move in on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008.
The date is significant to Golden State Mutual, since it coincides with the founding of the company 83 years ago. Back in 2005, the anniversary of the company was officially proclaimed “Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company Day” by former Mayor of Dallas, Laura Miller.
The Sun Belt Bank building was built 25 years ago and housed the first minority bank in the southern section of Dallas.
Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1925, by George A. Beavers Jr., William Nickerson Jr. and Norman O. Houston. The company helps people by providing funds for life’s major events, such as college education, retirement, disability and final expenses through Life Insurance. Its financially sound position reflects its growth and security over the past 83 years.
Golden State Mutual Life expanded its services to founder Nickerson’s native state of Texas, opening an office in Dallas in 1944, Houston in 1945 and later to Tyler and Beaumont.
“We take pride in being a property owner in the Dallas community, which we have been serving for 64 years,” says Larkin Teasley, chairman and president of Golden State Mutual Life. “It reinforces our commitment to being an integral part of the community which we serve.”