Danny J. Combs, 20, on Friday, pleaded guilty in Charleston, West Virginia as one of six defendants who kidnapped a young black woman, held her captive and tortured her.
The authorities said the victim, Megan Williams, 20, was repeatedly stabbed and sexually assaulted a year ago at a remote mobile home before sheriff’s deputies rescued her.
In her statement to the police, Williams said several of the kidnappers used racist language during the attacks. But only one, Karen Burton, 46, was charged with a hate crime. She admitted to stabbing Williams in the ankle and making a racist remark.
Williams has moved to Ohio since the incident. Sandra Calloway, an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assaults, said the trial had been painful for Williams, especially “having to recount what happened.”
“She’s had nightmares,” Calloway reported.
Robert Ilderton, Logan County’s chief assistant prosecutor told the West Virginia Gazette that Combs received one to five years on the conspiracy charge, two to ten years on the assault charge and one to five years on the sexual abuse charge. Ilderton said the sentences will run consecutively, meaning that Combs must be paroled on his sentence for one conviction before he begins serving the sentence for the next. Combs will be in jail for at least four years and up to 20.