The U. S. Secret Service launched an investigation Wednesday to find out who wrote two threatening letters against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
One letter was sent to the Livingston, Michigan County Democratic Party and another to a local business.
U. S. Secret Service agent Douglas Zloto said authorities are trying to determine the nature and extent of the threats.
“The Secret Service takes every threat extremely seriously,” Zloto told news sources. “We will be using every resource to investigate this threat…and to determine how it was made.”
One letter expresses a wish that Obama “gets a bullet.” The second letter, sent to the unidentified Howell business owner, includes racial slurs. The letter also stated that the business owner should “think hard about who you are trying to elect.”
Michigan State Police also said they are investigating racial slurs spray-painted on an Obama campaign billboard. Officers believe the graffiti, which includes swastikas and Ku Klux Klan symbols, were painted late Tuesday or early Wednesday.
“Whoever did it should be embarrassed and ashamed, but unfortunately, (racism) is a reality in our world,” said Brant Colburn, Michigan state campaign spokesman for Obama. “It in no way is a reflection of the reception we’ve gotten in the Ann Arbor area, or anywhere in Michigan.”