SACRAMENTO – Assembly Speaker Karen Bass said that she will no longer accept per diem payments until the Legislature passes a state budget.
“If stopping per diem payments is what it takes to focus the Governor’s attention on getting the votes for the budget, I’m happy to do it,” said Bass. “The notion that Assembly Democrats aren’t working overtime to get the budget passed is ludicrous. We’ve had budget votes, negotiated in good faith, and have a responsible, balanced solution that protects education and the safety net.
“What the Governor needs to focus on is his ability to use his political muscle to get votes from his own party to pass a budget,” said Bass. “Democrats have worked with him and have compromised as far as we can. It’s time for him to stop the finger pointing at the Legislature and roll up his sleeves and show some leadership.”
Legislators receive $170 per day (per diem), in expenses for housing and other costs of being in Sacramento, as mandated by voters in the state constitution. They have not received this payment since July 1.
Bass said she would not take any payments since the legislative session ended on August 31, even though she plans to be in Sacramento daily to continue to work on the budget.