The West Basin (WB) Board of Directors recognized four local groups for their contribution to West Basin’s conservation event. The four groups included the U.S. Veterans, North Inglewood Little League, Sportsman Little League, and Parents for Unity.
Each community group received a needed donation in recognition for their efforts in promoting water conservation through a high-efficiency toilet give-away program, helping residents with registration, and loading toilets into vehicles.
The high efficiency toilets will conserve 9 million gallons of water over the next year, meeting the needs of 56 families for an entire year.
Each group received a donation depending on the number of volunteer hours contributed: Dwight Radcliff accepted $3,785 on behalf of U.S. Vets, Alfredo Gonzalez accepted $1,232 on behalf of North Inglewood Little League, Gabriel Medel accepted $1,496 on behalf of Parents for Unity, and Councilman Danny Tabor, who also contributed his time promoting and working at the event, accepted $3,521 on behalf of Sportsman Little League.
“These community-based groups worked hard to help West Basin smoothly and successfully carry out a very necessary conservation event, and at the same time, help the community save money and water,” said WB Director Gloria Gray. “In a time of weather-based drought, judicial imposed limits on our water resources, and half-filled drinking water reservoirs, the efforts of these community groups are making a tremendous difference in helping to conserve limited water supplies.”
West Basin has a variety of conservation programs available to residents, businesses, and public agencies. For more information, visit or call 310-217-2411.