According to statistics from the United States Census Bureau, white people of European descent will no longer make up a majority of the U.S. population by the year 2042.
“The white population is older and very much centered around the aging baby boomers who are well past their high fertility years,” William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution think tank, told the Associated Press.
The bureau’s statistics indicate that people who regard themselves as Hispanic, African American, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander will become the majority by 2042-eight years earlier that what officials had previously projected.
The biggest population increase is predicted among the Hispanic and Asian populations. The Hispanic population will nearly triple from 47 million to 133 million, causing their share of the population to increase from 15% to 30%.
Asians will also see a big increase, with their numbers growing from 16 million to 41 million.
The black population, including those of mixed race, will show a slight increase from 14% to 15% of the total.
The bureau’s latest projections are based on birth, death and current immigration rates.
The projections show that the United States population is expected to rise from 305 million people to 439 million by 2050.