“Two years ago we began the Community Standards District (CSD) and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process through an Urgency Interim Ordinance that included a moratorium on new oil well drilling. We undertook this process in direct response to community concerns from the neighborhoods and communities surrounding the Baldwin Hills oil fields.
I am extremely pleased to announce that I have received a letter today from PXP giving us the assurances that PXP will not make any applications for new drilling for an extended period through October 21, 2008.
Our purpose is to insure that a transparent public process takes place that really analyzes the environmental impacts associated with future oil drilling, based on scientific data.
For the last 18 months, the County Planning staff and their EIR consultant have worked diligently to prepare, review, and release the Draft EIR, including an analysis of the proposed CSD on June 19, 2008.
There have been an extensive number of outreach efforts held to explain what a CSD is and the purpose it serves. There will be more outreach efforts throughout the 60-day public comment period to educate the public on what is contained in the EIR. I am especially pleased at the level of review and input by local community, homeowner and nonprofit groups throughout the Second District, and the quality of the public comment we have received thus far.
Throughout the remainder of this process, I cannot stress enough the importance of continuing to work through the County Planning process and I want to encourage our constituents to attend our public workshops, public hearings and continue to send us their comments.”