It has occurred in the streets and in the schools–tensions between African Americans and Hispanics have led to several altercations that have resulted in violence and even death.
Celes King IV, vice chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality of California, and David Sanchez. Ph.D, founder of the Brown Berets and president of the online college Mexican American University, decided to do something about it.
The two friends attended a meeting at Jefferson High School about two years ago when the school was being rocked by interracial strife. “Parents, faculty and students were having weekly meetings there to stop the fighting,” recalls Sanchez.
But with the spate of violence continuing throughout the southland, King and Sanchez felt that more had to be done.
“We sat down and we talked,” recalls Sanchez. “We came up with the idea of recording a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) to urge an end to racial strife.”

King and Sanchez contacted the management at KDAY (1580 AM) radio station, who loved the idea. “We did the PSA in English and Spanish and KDAY and several other radio stations accepted it,” said Sanchez.
The 30-second broadcast opens with the sound of a gavel pounding in a courtroom and Sanchez intoning, “Sir you have been sentenced to life without parole for murder.”
“Think about it–when one gets killed, two people get lost,” said King. “One goes to the grave and the other goes to prison.”
“Raza, brothers and sisters. It’s time to shine a red light on all interracial conflicts. Give the kid a break!” said Sanchez.
Both King and Sanchez said they have received wide praise for the effort. “We’ve gotten very good response because not only do we discuss the problem of interracial violence, but the PSA reminds people that they can be sent to prison for life without parole for murder.”
King and Sanchez plan to further their efforts to stop interracial violence by speaking at local schools and holding discussions with youth.