Cynthia McClain-Hill, Esq., managing partner of Los Angeles-based Strategic Counsel PLC, has been installed as the president of McLean, VA-based National Association of Women Business Owners® (NAWBO®). She will serve in the organization’s top post for 2008-2009. As NAWBO® president, McClain-Hill will represent more than 9,000 association members and serve as chief leadership advocate for nearly 11million women-owned businesses in the U.S.
McClain-Hill said, “Women business owners, like our male counterparts, have been rocked by national economic circumstances far beyond our control. My job, and the ongoing work of NAWBO, is to help our members scale a mountain of frightening economic indicators and surf a tsunami of rising business costs and tightening credit that can easily capsize the sturdiest of well-run companies. I have no doubt we will be successful in the long run, but our members know we have our work cut out for us in the near term.”
McClain-Hill noted that women business owners are a unique segment of working women in business around the globe, “They are individuals who have their right feet on the accelerator of economic engines in their local communities and states,” she said, “But they’re also the ones who have to slam on the brakes when the long days are done, turn the closed sign in the window after business hours and return home to take care of their children and families; all the while, never losing sight of the need and desire of their employees to adequately support their children and families – as the spiraling costs of food, fuel and healthcare slice away at their take-home pay and upend their household budgets.”
“Women business owners have proven their might as powerful forces for economic, political and social good in America. As president of NAWBO, I dedicate myself to the task of safeguarding our position as the strongest voice for 10.6 million women-owned businesses and protecting our interests wherever economic power is brokered, public policy is crafted, and quality of life issues are debated and decided,” McClain-Hill said.