Voters will get a chance to cast their ballot on June 3 for two propositions that will have a significant affect on Californians.
Renters currently living in rent-controlled apartments will have to dig deeper into their pocketbooks and wallets if Proposition 98 gets the approval of the voters. If passed, the ballot would outlaw new rent control laws and phase out the old ones. According to the Legislative Analyst’s office summary, the measure generally prohibits government from limiting the price property owners may charge others to purchase, occupy, or use their land or buildings. This provision would affect local rent control measures and affect approximately 1.2 million people statewide who are currently covered by rent control. Specifically, government could not enact new rent control measures, and any rent control measure enacted after January 1, 2007 would end. Rent control measures enacted before January 1, 2007 would be phased out on a unit-by-unit basis.