A former UCLA Medical Center employee accused of snooping through the files of celebrities said she was ‘just being nosy’ when she allegedly looked up the private medical records of stars and elected officials.
Lawanda J. Jackson, 49, an administrative specialist, said that looking through the records “was more of a curiosity.”
Jackson was accused of looking at the medical files of 61 patients which she viewed in 2006 and 2007. Thirty-three of the 61 were celebrities, politicians and other well known people.
“Clearly I made a mistake; let’s put it like that,” said Jackson, who admitted to peeking at the files of California first lady Maria Shriver and actress Farrah Fawcett. “I didn’t leak anything or anything like that. It wasn’t for money or anything. I was just looking.”
When asked if she leaked information to the tabloid National Enquirer, Jackson denied the charge.
UCLA could face serious sanctions from the California Department of Public Health and Jackson could face criminal charges for allegedly violating a federal privacy law.