Scott, a self-proclaimed founder of the 8-Trey Gangster Crips, was placed on the top 10 most-wanted list for a vicious robbery last December. He pleaded no contest to one count of carjacking and admitted a 1991 strike for robbery out of Riverside County. He was sentenced by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marcelita V. Haynes.
Deputy District Attorney Sam Hulefeld of Central Trials said four counts were dismissed as part of the plea agreement. In December 2006, Scott allegedly beat an acquaintance, took the keys to his Jaguar and left in the victim’s vehicle. The defendant was arrested on felony complaint for an arrest warrant in March 2007.
Scott, who has been in and out of prison for 26 years of his life, published “Monster: The Autobiography of an L. A. Gang Member” under the pseudonym Sankyika Shakur.
An independent film has been produced on Scott’s life that was directed by Billy Wright. Scott narrates the story.