Just as YouTube and Wikipedia have created a new world of user generated content, talk radio has also grabbed the internet audiences, especially in this hot political season.
Consistently placed in the overall top ten shows on a site allowing anyone with a computer and a phone to host their own live blogshow, Kevin Ross, the former KABC Radio talker has demonstrated how traditional radio is being forced to compete with the Internet for audience market share as well as advertising dollars. This is particularly true in today’s tightening economy, where companies are finally conceding that a seismic shift away from old media is currently underway.
Just weeks after taking his self-titled radio show online, the political and social analyst is number one among all the Current Events programs on BlogTalkRadio.com
In the March 2008 issue of Talkers Magazine, Special Projects Editor Jayne Pearl echoed this sentiment, discussing BlogTalkRadio and the present state of the new medium. “…Internet talk radio has been growing steadily” and “…a strong case can be made that Internet talk radio is rapidly on its way to being a major media movement in popular culture.”
“This is exactly what we’re experiencing,” said Ross, who worked as a criminal prosecutor before serving on the Los Angeles Superior Court for almost seven years. “BlogTalkRadio is doing an end run around the Clear Channels and Premiere Radios who dominate syndicated talk.”
The Morehouse College graduate isn’t surprised that his one-hour gabfest has become such a phenomenal hit. “Having hosted a traditional show for a number of years, I’m enjoying the social networking and relaxed interaction with my audience and I think people are picking that up,” said Ross. “And for me, producing written and digital content for things I’m really passionate about just elevates the experience to a whole different level.”
After creating the blog 3 Brothers and A Sister, the South Los Angeles native partnered-up with other tech-savvy entrepreneurs and launched 3BAAS Media Group. The firm, www.3BAAS.com, is seeing exponential growth as brick and mortar companies, particularly minority-owned businesses, begin focusing their advertising, communication and marketing efforts toward Internet users.