The computer age has brought about some monumental changes in social habits. There have been studies showing that people are starting to spend more time on the computer than watching television. This can be a good and/or bad thing, depending on how it is used. There are very valuable educational sites, as well as extremely negative sites. The information is endless. It is so easy to get sidetracked. You go on your computer for one thing, see something that captures your interest, and before you know it, you have gone five, ten, or so places before you get back to your original reason for getting on the computer, if you remember at all.
What has been a fairly recent innovation, just a few years, is the proliferation of Afrikan information. This summer, when we lost one of our greatest scholar/teacher/thinkers, Dr. Asa Hilliard, I looked on You Tube to see if there were any visual sites with him on it. There was none. This was appalling to me, so my life-partner, Isidra Person-Lynn and I took an excerpt of an interview I conducted with Dr. Asa, added some graphics and put in on You Tube (go to: In Memory of Dr. Asa Hilliard). Now, there are several. More than that, there are hundreds of videos uploaded which are related to Afrikan history, culture and people. One can learn a lot at these various sites.
The other side of that coin, each video on You Tube allows you to make a comment. Looking at a site on You Tube that talked about the ancient Kamites (Egyptians) being black, some of the comments, not all, were very negative. A few will be illustrated here. No effort is made to edit them, so you will see the comments exactly as they were written.
The first one is by an Arab woman who basically denies that the ancient Kamites were black. This is a futile attempt by black Africans and black Americans to lay claim to a culture/language civilization that does not belong to them, Egyptians in general were never a black race, Nigerians or people from the Congo have absolutely no bearing of the splendor of ancient Egyptian society, Slavery is only the history of black.
The ancient language of Egyptian was and is a language closest related to the Semitic languages of Arabic, Assyrian/Akkaidian, Aramaic and Berber, not to the sub Saharans languages of black Africa, we even still use some pharonic words in our slang and we are the only Arabic country now talk Arabic but with a special slang anyone can know that we are Egyptian from it.
The next is from a Caucasian man who denies that Afrikan people even have a history. Neegrows dont have a history because they never developed a written language. Written African history is mostly contained in the police blotters and court criminal files of whatever country they infest. Thats black history in a nutshell.
Negroes -because they have NO history came from mud huts and inbred mutants they cry and make up the most absurd myths. Listen rubber lip Negroes go back to west Africa in your mud hut where youll be at home with tribal killing, no running water or electricity and your primitive way of life. USA and Europe has given it to cushy for you savages.
The last is how an individual attempts to use linguistic science to show that black Afrikans had nothing to do with ancient Kemet. The analysis of discrete dental traits is often used to determine biological relationships of populations using dental remains. The recent work of J.D. Irish (Irish 1997, 1998a, 1998b) examines several African populations and concludes that Egyptian populations show more dental similarity to modern North Africans, Arabs, and even Europeans, than to Sub-Saharan Africans.
What this demonstrates is not only the ignorance and racism on You Tube, as relates to Afrikan people, but that even when legitimate information about Afrikan history and culture, no matter the credibility of the information, there are some who will never accept that fact that the ancient Kamites were black. To do so, certifies that Afrikan people created civilizations, the sciences and the arts. Under the philosophy of white supremacy, that can never be accepted.
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