A television watchdog organization reported in a study that three music videos that air during the daytime or early evening hours are heavily laced with sexual imagery, explicit language, violence and drug use.
The three shows analyzed were Sucker Free on MTV and 106th & Park and Rap City on Black Entertainment Television. The shows appeared during afternoon and early hours when children are usually home from school.
E. Faye Williams, chair of the National Congress of Black Women, has denounced greedy corporate executives for encouraging black youth to entertain themselves by destroying their culture.
Leaders of the Enough is Enough Campaign, Industry Ears and the National Congress of Black Women said that the videos contain adult content and should not be marketed to children.
Rev. Delman Coates of the Mount Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, Md. who founded the Enough is Enough campaign, requested the Parents Television Council study.
In an ironic twist, Industry Ears is led by Paul Porter, a former disc jockey and video director at BET who lost his job because he did not want to play offensive music.