Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son was gunned down on March 2 by Pedro Espinoza, 19, a gang member and an illegal immigrant, appeared at city hall to urge officials to deport criminals who are in the country illegally.
Jamiel Shaw Jr. , 17, who attended Los Angeles High School, was shot and killed in Arlington Heights a day after Espinoza was released from county jail.
It is reported by U. S. immigration officials that Espinoza, a member of the 18th Street gang, may have been in the country illegally.
We have a problem with the system, Shaw Sr. told reporters. My son was murdered by someone that was here illegally. No matter how you look at it, thats what happened.
Shaw said that checking the legal status of criminals is not an issue of racial profiling.
Were after the gang members who are here illegally, and when theyre released from jail, theyre out in the community, he said.
The guy who killed my son was in custody. He had a long prison record…and he was let out without any kind of hearing. He was let out into the community on a Saturday night with no supervision and within 24 hours, he had gotten another gun.
According to authorities, Espinoza was not detained by U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement upon his release from the county jail.
Jamiel Shaw Jr.s mother, Anita Shaw, was disturbed that gun warfare was still a real threat on inner city streets. Im safer, somewhat, in Iraq than my son is safe on the streets of the United States. It doesnt make sense, she told the City Council.
A standing law, Special Order 40, prohibits Los Angeles police officers from asking arrestees about their immigration status. The order is intended to encourage illegal immigrants to report crimes and assist police.
You have no idea how we feel, said Jamiel Shaw Sr. Were not living in Beirut or Iraq. Were living in a nice neighborhood. He thought he was safe. Im sure in his last minutescan you imagine how terrified he was?