The Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) Thursday announced the appointment of Pamela Bakewell-Griggs to the post of Chief Neighborhood Officer (CNO) beginning April 1. In her new position, Bakewell-Griggs will be responsible for overseeing the Leagues Neighborhood Initiatives Office and executing the Neighborhoods@Work program.
Launched in December 2007, the Neighborhoods@Work initiative is a five-year plan designed to revitalize the South Los Angeles area one neighborhood at a time. The strategic plan focuses on five key areas of improvement: education, employment, health, housing and safety. The first neighborhood to be transformed by the initiative is the 70-block Park Mesa Heights area surrounding Crenshaw High School. In the future, the League envisions the plan will serve as a model for initiating change in other urban neighborhoods across the region.
LAUL president and CEO, Blair Taylor said, Pamela will join the L. A. Urban League as a force for change.
Interim Chief Neighborhood Officer Anthony Maddox, will move into the LAUL Chief of Staff position.