Fashionistas who intend to take the runways of New York, Paris and Milan by storm, can start their training at the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and design, by winning a one-year scholarship worth up to $23,000, and the deadline to enter the contest is May 15.
The Prom Advice scholarship is open to high school seniors and juniors, and is sponsored by Fashion Club. Only those who are member of the club are eligible to apply. Membership in the club is free, and students can join by visiting the web site–
There are two scholarships awarded, design and merchandising. The design student must create three celebrity-inspired prom dresses and attach fabric swatches to an 8 x 11/2 rendering of the design. Sewing the dress is not required, entrants are welcome to do that and send a copy of photo of the finished product.
In the merchandising arena, students must create a prom boutique. This lay-out must also be rendered on story boards. Photos are also welcome for this as well.
Winners receive a full-year scholarship which covers tuition, books and supplies and is valued up to $23,000.